Family Business

Most family businesses are faced with the same challenges that other businesses are, yet because of the more personal relationships, special considerations need to be taken into account. Our lawyers understand the specifics of family run businesses, and in close co-operation with them our clients can set up and develop their family-run business over the long term,as well as plan for future succession.

Legal services provided by our team include helping our clients in regard to:

  • Establishing internal rules for the operation of businesses, creating corporate documentation and a management structure of a family-run business, setting up a legal relationship framework both between company shareholders themselves and between shareholders and company management
  • Creating suitable legal structures for family-owned companies, and the structuring of holdings or trusts
  • Setting up a new business, establishing joint ventures, and safeguarding investments
  • Assisting in the preparation of successorship plans, including inheritance plans and resolving inheritance issues. We have been working over the long term in close co-operation with an affiliated notary office