Transformation of a company group

In February 2020, we successfully completed an extensive corporate transformation of a group of companies to create a new holding structure. The transformation mainly involved a merger in the form of division by splitting with the formation of three new successor companies. Almost 30 companies were involved in this process, three holding companies and several sub-holdings were set aside and new relations within the whole company group were set up.

Successful representation of a municipality in zoning plan cancellation court proceedings.

INVICTA successfully represented a municipality in Central Bohemian Region during court proceedings regarding action on cancellation of its zoning plan amendment.

The municipality was thus protected against undesired logistic centre capacity increase which was threated to be carried out without application of proper zoning plan instruments that were adopted by the challenged amendment.

Acquisition of two retail parks.

In July 2019, we successfully represented a private investor in acquiring 2 retail parks in Pelhřimov and Valašské Meziříčí. This transaction was very quick one, the whole acquisition proces, including due diligence, lasted no more than one month.

The consultancy involved the legal due diligence of the SPV owning the property, as well as negotiation of the acquisition documentation and representation of the client at closing of the transaction.